2010 Galerie Pascal Polar, 108, Chaussée de Charleroi, 1060 Bruxelles

Opening 9 September till 23rd october

Two series are presented at the Gallery .

The first one, called Back, is made of shots of people taken from the back. They appear to be fugitive impressions which give food for thought. Who are they? What are they thinking of? Where are they going? Whereas faces often answer and close the space, these pictures open and give rise to questions, while playing with colours and light.

The second one –Black- takes almost an opposite direction with studio pictures of black women in front of a black background. In a minimalist spirit, Laurent Muschel develops an "aesthetic investigation" which tries to capture the meaning of what he calls "Blackitude". His work, far from showing a dark vision, gives some intense and unique light to these pictures where black is the dominant colour. Playing with contrasts and postures, he puts forward a vision, which is immediately recognisable, capturing the instant without caricaturing it or confining it.